Friday, April 30, 2021

Secret Journaling Spots - Ideas Journal

 Interactive pockets and secret journaling. 

I wanted to show you how to make a secret journaling space, that is also a nice decoration to your journal pages. So easy to make. I also show you a cute interactive pocket that you can make with leftover scraps. This and many more tutorials on my channel. 

The first project is an interactive pocket. So fun to make and you don't need many supplies to make it. 

I show you how to make this in the video tutorial on my YouTube channel. The next project is also one of my faves. 

In the video I made the version with the doily, but you can always add another element to make it just as fun. Also in case you don't have a doily. :-) 

 Happy Crafting!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Swap Penpal Search

In my last video I mentioned that I wanted to add a few more swap friends to my ever growing list. I am looking for crafters interested in swapping with me! 

This time I am looking for some specific items. Here are the details: I am currently looking for swap friends that could share items from the following scrapbooking collections with me: Maggie Holmes and Paige Evans. I am looking for stickers, embellishments, chipboard pieces, cut-apart, plus other goodies from these collections that I might not be aware of! I would love some from the marigold and heritage collections. Please note that I do not have these items to swap, this is what I am looking to receive in the swaps. 

If you are familiar with my work, you know that I enjoy making a variety of happy mail pieces. I will be sending something that I make and / or some of my fave ephemera, etc. Check out the playlist on my YouTube channel for some snail Mail ideas! 

If you are interested in being one of my new swap friends, send me an email and let me know what you have to swap. Your mail does not have to be large, it can be sent in a standard size envelope, to save on postage. 

I am open to swapping internationally!! You can email me at

Happy Crafting!


Mother's Day Project Ideas


My latest project is so fun for a Mother's Day DIY. You can make a similar album using items you may already have at home. I will leave a link to a video where I show you how you can make something similar.

I had so much fun putting this together. I have a video on my channel showing you some of the items I used.

I'm still working on making something fun with that little teapot box. How adorable is that??

I also love that flower die, and how lovely it looks on my quick handmade card! I love it when something works out so well on a project.

Here is the video where I share this project.

Here is one of the videos where I show you a tutorial making a similar album, I hope you enjoy making one!

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Love Of Mini Journals

I have had a love of making mini journals for such a long time. There is something about making something tiny to look just like a regular sized one journal.

I have made several of them over the years and each time, it’s such an enjoyable project. Making the tiny ephemera and embellishments to go into them is so fun.

Check out my micro mini journals playlist on my YouTube channel 😊

Happy Crafting!


Friday, April 16, 2021

One Page Projects


Using up my book pages to make new projects is one of my fave things to do. I love repurposing these book pages. 

I show you how to make 3 different styles in my video. You will find this and more ideas on my YouTube channel: Liz The Paper Project.

I enjoyed making these, using up my left over paper bits from other crafty projects.

Happy Crafting!


Sunday, April 11, 2021

A New Ephemera Pack Project

 I am so happy with how this pen-pal / snail mail ephemera pack has come out. I made digitals to go with it. I think it makes for such a cute ready to make / send pack. 

I wanted a little French fashion, some textile inspiration and I also made these cute fabric swatch cards to go with it. You can find the digitals I used in my shop. If you happen to make some, please tag me #lizthepaperpaproject so that I can see your creations!!

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, April 8, 2021

On My Desk


Working on some inspiration items!

Some new items in the shop. 

A video coming soon to my YouTube channel, where I show you how to do some secret writing! Shhh. 

Have a creative day!


Monday, April 5, 2021

Creative Journaling For Relaxation


A little collage here and there.

Using some left over paper bits, love my
Messy space!

Combining some digitals.
Check out more ideas on my YouTube channels Journal With Me playlist. 😊

Happy journaling! 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

New In My Shop


My latest pen pal kits are going to be part of my new shop items. These will be inspiration kits and stationery bento boxes. I share the first set in this video. They will be made to order, so if you want one, please contact me by email. 

I also have a new set of printables in my shop. I wanted these to be able to be used in journaling, or planners. The pages can be torn to be used as collage pieces or as journal pages in your junk journals. They coordinate nicely with my other digital sets.

I have also added some frame sets. These can be used in so many projects. I am loving frames at the moment so I thought I would add some to the shop. There are some gorgeous embossed one in the set! 

I hope you find some inspiration today!