Coupon Codes

I thought I would share a list of coupon codes I have received by various shops and suppliers. (Because who doesn't like to use coupons?? )

If you happen to use a code / link and it does not work, please let me know and I will update it. 
I will try to get more codes as I receive them.

*** Some links in the description might contain affiliate links. I may receive a small % if you choose to buy anything, at no extra cost to you!



COUPON CODE: LIZPAPERPROJECT Receive 15% off your purchase. They have free shipping when you spend $30



Coupon code: Lizthepaperproject



Use coupon code: Lizpaper10



I have made a quick shop catalogue list of items that I love and use. These are items you can easily find on Amazon.

Canada Shop Click Link Here: CanadaAmazon Fave Supplies

US Shop Click Link Here: USA Amazon Fave Supplies



Try Canva for some awesome FREE digital elements, you and I will get a free credit to use a premium element when you use the link. Here is my referral link for you to check it out:


Digital Collage Club: One of my fave digital prints, that I use often in my work. For Royalty-free images, visit The Digital Collage Club

Lifetime Membership:
get $10 off with coupon code: lizdecor8Lifetime

For yearly membership go to:
get $5 off with coupon code: lizdecorYearly


In Love Arts Shop: 25% off your purchases, plus free shipping over $25 purchase

Use Code: lizthepaperproject

Promo link:


Printer Ink:
I am often asked about printing at home. I use hp insta-ink. 

It’s a monthly service, delivery to your house. IF you print as much as I do, you will like this service.
Ink I use:


If you sign up for a monthly subscription and use my link, we each get a free month of ink.

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