Monday, July 12, 2021

Another Mini Album - One Page Crafts TUTORIAL


I had so much fun making this little mini album / booklet. What I loved the most is that you can use up your paper scraps and it only takes one sheet of 6" paper to put the base together. The possibilities are endless with a project like this. I also really like that it can be mailed out in a regular envelope because it's so tiny! Snail mail, here we come!

This is truly a quick and fun project. I walk you through the process in the video of how I put mine together. I will leave some of the measurements below in case you wanted to see those as well. Check out the playlist on my YouTube channel - One Page Projects - they all take one page to quickly make the base and then you can embellish as you wish! See how I make it here and follow along with the tutorial!

I hope you enjoy crafting! Please remember to tag me on instagram or facebook, if you happen to make one and wanted to share how yours turned out!


1 x 6" paper
1 x 3" tracing paper (will trim when you add it to the mini)
1 x 3" x 2" paper scrap of your choice

Step 1. Trim your 6" paper to 2 pieces x 3" x 6"
Step 2. Score piece 2 - 5/8" and 5 5/8" Fold at score lines
Step 3. Score piece 2 - 2 1/2" and 5 1/4" Fold at score lines

Follow the steps in the video to put it together! Have Fun!

Happy Crafting!



  1. How’s fun. Love your projects. Thanks for sharing

  2. Such a cute project! Am definitely going to try this, I have so many 6x6 paper pads to use up!