Tuesday, August 3, 2021

New Embellishment Snail Mail Ideas


I have been making more embellishments to add to my happy mail shares. I'm putting together some things to send to friends and have been inspired to make a few more pieces to decorate my little parcels.

I'm loving the way they have come out, the paper bags look so much nicer fully decorated and ready to be filled with more goodies to share.

I was so inspired by my new set of metal dies and a few bits and bobs I had around for this project. Funny enough, I don't have nearly enough ready made embellishments that I could add to my little creations, so I've had to make a few myself. Those of you that often get your hands on some lovely chip board stickers, thickers, wood stickers and puffy stickers are so lucky, I've yet to get my hands on some of those collections. 

I hope you find some inspiration, and if you have any of the dies I show in the video or have other ideas on how to use them, send me an email and let me know. I am always looking for new ways to use items and share those with you to help inspire you as much as I get inspired.

Happy Crafting, xoxo



  1. Hello! I’m new to your blog and found it through the shank Journaks Canada group on fb!
    I’ve been browsing and your work is amazing!