Saturday, November 13, 2021

Monthly Swap Introduction

Update Dec 3: If you have emailed me letting me know you are entering the swap please make sure that you have followed the requirements:

Option 1

If you don't have social media and have sent me mail to show in a video ( 1 shaker, 2 bag toppers) please let me know when you sent your mail. In the email, include a picture of the items you created for the swap.

Once I receive all mail I will go ahead and partner everyone that has entered. Postmark date is December 4 (so will give it a week after that date to see if I have received all the mail)

You will then get be emailed your partners name and info, and you will be sending the swap you made directly to them.

Option 2

If you have social media and have posted showing your swap creations, email me and let me know where you have posted. Include your social media handle so I can find your posting.

Please ensure that in the post you mention that it is your - entry for the swap hosted by @lizthepaperproject and make sure that you use the #lizthepaperprojectswaps in the post.

IF you have also been kind enough to send me mail, please let me know when you sent it, so I can have an idea when to expect it. 


I will update this post once I have received all mail / have seen all the social media posts. I will email you details of where to send your swap to your partner. Expect to hear back from me by December 13.


Hi Friends! 

I am so excited about this. I have been trying to figure out how everyone can take part in my new monthly swaps. I hope that it works out just as lovely as I have imagined it! haha. So here is what I am thinking. 

Each month I will have a new swap item idea to share with you. If you want to take part in the swap, all you have to do is let me know in that month's post / video. I wanted a chance for you to get inspired by all the lovely creators / crafters out there and also meet some new friends! I have said it many times, crafters / creators are the most amazing people I have had the chance to connect with and I love being part of this community.

If you have social media use the #lizthepaperprojectswaps  so that we can see what you are making. Remember to tag me on instagram / facebook @lizthepaperproject

You can also share your swap pictures if you would like on my facebook page. 

So the idea is to use your stash, get your items out and ready to make something fun, quick and that you enjoy. Make it in your own style. If you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel you know the style of crafting I enjoy and since I have you as a subscriber, I am sure you enjoy the same. 

Here are the details for the first swap I will be hosting:

Be a subscriber to my YouTube channel and / or Instagram

18 or older to take part

Make the swap items for that month - send me one to show and make sure to have one ready to send to your swap partner. (You only send 1 to me, you will send one to your partner after) 

I will match you with a partner(s) in your own country (or the closest one to you, this is to help to keep shipping costs down) 

If you are ok to swap internationally, please let me know when you send your swap mail sample.

For this month November, your swap will include:

- 1 Handmade shaker - 2 Handmade bag toppers

- Plus send 1 de-stash item to your partner: example: stickers sheet, sequins mix, or die cuts; something for your partner to use in their own crafty projects. (something you might have an extra of and would like to share)

- Sign up by email by November 20th. Email me at:

For ideas on how to make these, I have a video showing how to make Easy Holiday Shakers and Bag. But you can make these, however you enjoy making them!.

In your mail, please remember to write an email where I can reach you to let you know who your partner is, and where to send your swap to.

I will send everyone that sends me the swap sample mail a free digital for that month, and maybe, if time permits, one of you will also get a swap from me. :-)

This swap shares being mailed to me should be postmarked by Dec 4, 2021 (I had to make this one short because we are already mid month) This will give me time to film it so everyone can see what you made, and partner you up, so you can get something before Christmas!! yay!

The next months swap will be open for the entire month, to give everyone more time to send things in.

Any questions? please send me an email

Have fun everyone! Happy Crafting!



  1. Thank you Liz. I am going to start my shaker and bag toppers right now! Cheers from Mexico 🇲🇽🎄

    1. Hi Steffi! Yay, I look forward to seeing what you make. :-) Please remember to email me for confirmation of joining the swap.

  2. Hello Neighbor! I am in Oakville. Hope you are doing great! Happy for your good news! I would love to join your Swaps, after December 2021. I try and gather inspiration and supply list from you and hope to be confident enough to go full Creative in 2022! Thank you for the links and your wonderful video's also your easy to listen to friendly voice. I love finding a Canadian Creative as yourself. Love your blog, I love blogging as well. Keep CozY!

    1. Hi neighbour! Awesome, it is going to be so fun! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. :-)

  3. I love this idea....have sent you an email

  4. Hi Liz, is there still time to participate / sign-up for upcoming swaps? Any formal signing up?
    I live in Ecuador