Thursday, May 27, 2021

Using Your Journals - How I Use Mine


It's been a minute since I shared a flip through of one of my personal completed junk journals. I will have a new video up very soon.  I enjoy the process so much, but I have found that most recently I don't enjoy to film the process. So I thought I would show you some videos of past journals and how I fill them. This is one question that I always get and I love having a variety of journals to show how I use them.

Check out the playlist on my channel, for more inspiration. I do have some past journal with me videos as well. I share the process of creative journaling in my handmade journals. 

Do you find it easy to fill a journal? Do you have several different journals that you use on an ongoing basis? I certainly do. Different sizes, and styles. I like to change them up often. It keeps me inspired.

Happy Journaling!


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