Sunday, December 12, 2021

EASY Greeting Card DIY Using Washi Tape and Daphne's Dairy Magazine Holiday Issue

Today I will be showing you a quick craft with me project. We will be making a super easy greeting card using Washi tape for the design. You will be surprised how easy it is to do and it helps you use up all that Washi tape. If you happen to be a collector ( hmm hoarder ) like myself. haha. 

I will be using some of the Washi tape I recently shared from a haul with Stationery Pal. I have been enjoying using all the goodies in that haul. Currently I am getting all the entries for the giveaway together and will be announcing the winner of that giveaway soon. Keep an eye out. Remember if you do purchase anything from stationery pal, use my coupon code for a discount.

Stationery Pal website: Use the coupon code: lizthepaperproject for 12% off your purchase.

I also have the flip through of the latest Daphne's Diary Magazine Holiday Issue. Thank you to Daphne's Diary for sending it to me, I really love this issue. So much to see and inspiration for my creative projects.

I hope you enjoy the video my friends.

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